So i decided not to jump

 A fews weeks ago I posted that I would be deleting this journal after I was done posting requests but after a few positive comments I decided that I want to continue posting here for my self and my few but nice readers and creepers.
*Big Hugs To every one*

*if you one of the people who were told about my new journal keep checking that one as well beause i'll be posting stories on that one well.

Goodbye Cruel Internet World

 So, recently I have gotten a lot of flames and very means comments from more than a few people. honestly I am not feeling all that awesome about my self right now so I'm going to delete this journal soon, If you want a PDF of something comment on this post and if we have had some sort of friendly communication you can im me to find out what,if i make one, my new lj will be.

PS- if i owe you something, fic or prompt fill, i will post it before i delete my journal